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NaNoWriMo: End of Week 2 (26,000)


I intentionally stopped at this wordcount. It wasn’t an accident at all. I planned it out meticulously; how to make it so that at the end of the 15th Day, I’d have exactly 26,000. I had to really shape that last sentence, cut words that would take me over that line.

Not really. But ain’t it cool?

Week 2 was a blast… largely. I felt confident, and it felt like I was doing loads and loads of writing. I was just hitting the target every day, sticking to that line like glue. I wasn’t feeling particularly down at all, and the late night/early morning routine was working really, really well for me.

I do admit, however, that I have faltered somewhat this week. I’ve been exhausted. I’ve been waking up in the mornings feeling very rough, and the motivation to write just isn’t there like it was last week. If you looked at my graph, however, you wouldn’t believe it – I’ve been ahead for a few days and, by the looks of it, have kept up momentum from week 2.

But then you stop and ask, why haven’t you done any writing today, Aimee? Why have you stopped at 26k?

The truth is, it’s the evening, and I want a bath. I want to read my book. I want to soak. Doing NaNo with a full-time job is all very well, but when you have an hour’s drive each way and when you wake up two days in a row with mysteriously-aching limbs, you start to wonder if, perhaps, you’re due a long soak.

(I have written words today: 400 of them, in fact. I just didn’t want to update past the 26k because it’s so beautiful.)

I also hit a massive roadblock last night. I realised that what I was writing – even though I did a lot of it – was just not making me happy. It’s easy to get sucked into the mentality of quantity over quality and simply not care about it, but last night it hit me hard just how much drivel I was committing to Word document. I had no direction; my narrator was telling me about something totally irrelevant and I had no idea where to go next. The last few words, written while I lounged on the sofa, were so laboured, so unprepared, and honestly, so rubbish. So, instead of writing more of the same this morning, I spent my 6am writing session committing actual pen to actual paper and doing some of that planning stuff. I missed out on my usual 600 or so words, but I at least generated some new ideas and gave what I was writing a bit more of a direction.

I only have to write a total of 600 words today to stay on track. After my bath, we’ll see where it takes me. But for now, I need to escape into someone else’s world for a bit and read. Because this writing routine, annoyingly, hasn’t left me much time to do that yet.


I also wanted to mention that, yes, I have stopped blogging non-NaNo things here for the time being. I wasn’t planning on it, but as you may appreciate, I have so little time that I want to make it all count. Just for November, I want to make sure 99.9% of my writing time goes towards my NaNo wordcount – the other 0.1% are these ranty posts for my sanity. My usual Sunday book reviews/miscellanea will resume in December. Thanks for sticking around! 🙂

NaNo people! How are you doing??


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: End of Week 2 (26,000)

  1. That’s a very round word count! And I definitely know what you mean about wanting to reeeaaadddd!
    I had an absolutely rubbish day of writing today. Only got half as much as I should have done and it was all rubbish. One of those days where you’re just trying to get to the next scene. Hopefully tomorrow will be better :/

  2. I’m not participating but I do find it fun to read about how others are faring. Your word count is fab and it’s great that you’re getting words out no matter what drivel they may be 🙂

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