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New Bullet Journal – or, Jumping on the Bandwagon

During October my bullet journal had become much more of a hybrid, containing longhand journalling elements as well as the normal bujo modules. It had become quite a personal space, and very exciting to use. At the beginning of November, however, I decided to move into a new notebook. It was a lovely notebook, still lined, and initially I had been really excited to use it. But I feel that with NaNo and with the slight change in routine, I never really adapted to it very well. And, I’ve got to be honest, I started to get fed up with the lined pages.

So, at the end of November, I decided to start again. Again. (Yup, that’s 4 different journals since August. It’s an addiction.)

This time, however, I wanted to return to using the bullet journal system properly. And what better way to do that than to buy the community-favourite notebook to do it with?

That’s right! Meet my new Leuchtturm 1917 Azure bullet journal!


I had my doubts initially, and to be honest, I hate the idea of following the sheep and conforming to tradition. But my goodness, this book really is as good as other people say it is! The details really are there: the little pocket at the back, the two different bookmark ribbons, the page numbers, and the paper is so smooth and lovely to write on. There is quite a lot of ghosting with the pens I use, but it’s easy not to mind too much when everything else is just so heavenly to use.

The dots as well… how long I’ve lived without this paper! Dots make it so you can really utilise every corner of the page in the best way. With the lined pages, while I thought they were great at the time they really did restrict me. And it was impossible to write small with lines so far apart!

But anyway. Let’s see inside, shall we? (Apologies for the terrible lighting. It’s so dark in the world right now.)


Here’s my Future Log and Work Calendar, which are basically one and the same. The Future Log is for birthdays, non-work events, reminders etc. for future months. The Work Calendar lists all term dates and training days within this academic year. (As I am currently in a term-time only role within a college, I’m always eager to know how soon it is until the next half-term!) It’s nice having them separated, because it means I can stop myself from filling up the Future Log with loads of mundane dates.

Notice my colour-coding for the months here. I recently got hold of the 36-pack of Triplus Fineliners by Staedtler. (Totally a sheep.) Each day of the week and month of the year has its own colour. Squee!


Here’s my Monthly Log. It’s based on the original Monthly Log design, but with a whole load of stuff crammed onto the right-hand side as well. This is one massive benefit of the dotted paper – my Monthly Logs before were usually spread across 2 pages because of the fewer lines, and then I didn’t really have enough room to include anything else. But this is fantastic. I have my monthly goals/tasks, my current work schedule, AND my meal record all on the same page! (Hey, don’t judge my two takeaways in a week. I’ve been ill, okay? *grumblegrumble*)

In contrast, before I moved into this journal I had already made a December Monthly Log in my old journal. Here’s how it turned out:


That is probably one of the most space-efficient ways of doing that kind of Monthly Log, but it still just wasn’t at all satisfying. With my new spread, I have plenty of space to brain dump more goals and tasks for the month, and I save valuable space with having my meal record on the same page rather than within my weekly spread or on its own separate page. It’s so cool!


Next up is my spending tracker. This isn’t much different to my previous journal, and the dots haven’t really added anything beneficial to the tracker. Now, I completely fell off the wagon with recording my spending at the end of Nov/beginning of Dec, so there’s actually a few days of mad Xmas shopping missing from this tracker. But I really wanted a fresh start, so it all worked out fine in the end.

Note the ghosting. If I start caring then we may have issues, but right now it’s kinda cool.


And here’s my Blog Plan. I’ll do a post at some point basically explaining my schedule and what direction I want this blog to go in, but for now I have scribbled down a schedule that I’m hoping to stick to. (Spoilers!) Once I’ve used it a bit I may make a different style of spread for January, as this one seems pretty plain and vague right now. But it works!


And finally, here’s my first Weekly Spread. This is amazing.

There’s so much room! So much potential! I’ve been able to refine exactly what I want out of a weekly spread and this is just about perfect for my current needs. I have a brain dump of tasks to complete this week rather than having to reserve space for daily tasks, and I can then fill in each day’s box at the end of the day with 3-5 (but probably just 3) things from the day. This is the format I really like – I like the way the page slowly fills up as the week progresses, and I like how significant things about each day are noted down and preserved.

I have also managed to squeeze in some daily goals trackers: Pages Read, Words Written and Journal Entry (pages). Obviously, you can tell that I haven’t quite kept up my promise of continuing with my novel into December. But as I said, I’ve been ill. And in all honesty, the adrenaline collapse after Nov 30th told me that I should probably have a break from it.


My weekly spreads before were generally slap-dash and different every week. In the end I couldn’t find a design that worked with the lined paper; I was always finding that I was running out of room, and I just couldn’t structure the page in the way that would give me the best space. I might do a separate post going through my various weekly spread attempts, or something, because there really were a lot of them!

This is currently all I have within my bullet journal – and that makes me really quite happy. The problem with the hybrid system I had before was that I was filling up pages really, really quickly, and would probably only manage 3 months max in each journal.

But all is not lost with my old lovely lined journal. I’ve decided to keep up my longhand journalling in there instead of weighing down the bullet journal system with it, so I technically now have two journals on the go. Which, so far, has been working really, really well.


Thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “New Bullet Journal – or, Jumping on the Bandwagon

    1. Ah I write these posts assuming everyone already knows about the bullet journal system! ๐Ÿ™‚ As a starting point I’d recommend you go here: http://bulletjournal.com/ That website contains the bare bones of the system and all the info you’d need to start your own. But after that I’d do some searched on YouTube, Reddit, Instagram etc. to see how creative and unique you can be with it. It really is a flexible system, and you can make it work however you need it to! Also check out my previous posts on the bullet journal by looking under my Bullet Journal category: https://pocketwrites.wordpress.com/category/bullet-journal/ Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah, dotted really is easy to use! Thing is I really disliked the idea of buying an obscure notebook (can barely get dotted notebooks around where I live) especially for my bujo, so the idea of using a notebook I already had appealed much more to me. But it does get to the point where you’ve got to think about the functionality as well!

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