Creative Writing · February 2017 Daily Prompts

February Writing Prompts: Day 15, “Revenge”

(285 words)

“You what?”

I cleared my throat again and said, “no. I am not going to press charges.”

“What are you talking about?” the driver said, exasperated. “I just ripped off your side mirror. I dented your passenger side door. I smashed your window. I could have killed your dog.”

Barney, his tongue hanging out, looked up at me with an expression that suggested he hadn’t even noticed his near death. I gave the Great Dane a pat on the head and turned back to the man. “I forgive you. It’s fine.”

“Do you not realise how much this is all going to cost?” the driver asked, pointing to the massive dent in the side of my Micra and the mirror, which was hanging by a wire.

“It’s fine,” I said.

The driver ran a hand across his balding head. “This is a big deal. I don’t think you quite understand what has happened here. I just smashed into you. It was entirely my fault. You could milk me for all I’m worth. And dents aren’t cheap to fix, you know. You could need a whole new door panel. You have to make a claim. You’re stupid not to!”

I just smiled. “Honestly, dude, no worries. Everything’s fine.”

“No way. I’m not walking away from this without paying you.” The man took a wallet from his pocket and started writing a cheque. “This should cover everything and then some. I couldn’t walk away from this.” He handed me the cheque and then got back in his Mercedes. He quickly reversed and then joined the main road.

“Well,” I said to Barney, who was sniffing the cheque in my hand, “gets easier every time, don’t it, boy?”

Every day during February I’m going to write a piece of creative writing inspired by a prompt. The prompts have been taken from here, although I may shuffle some of the days around if I fancy.


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