Creative Writing · February 2017 Daily Prompts

February Writing Prompts: Day 16, “Digging for Treasure”

(487 words)

“Look, there’s a man riding a bye-sickle.”

“I have one of those. It’s pink like my helmet.”

“I don’t have a bike. My dad says it’s too dangererous to ride one.”

“I ride mine all the time. It is so much fun, and I love wearing my pink helmet.”

“My dad says he had a bike when he was youngerer, but he fell off and he scraped his knee on the road and since then he has never rode a bye-sickle.”

“My dad fell out of bed once. There was a big bang and then I heard my mummy laughing, and then I went in to their bedroom and he was asleep on the floor. He said he hurt himself but it was hard to tell because he was laughing too.”

“I hurt myself on Friday. Do you know my big toe?”


“Well my big toe, I picked some skin off it on Friday and it really hurt. But now today it’s making new skin and the new skin is coming through. I showed my mum and she said it was good.”

“Is it growing as fast as my hair because my mummy said I need a haircut again.”

“I don’t want my hair cut. I like it this long because I can put it in my mouth and eat it.”

“Natalie nearly ate her tooth today. We were in lesson and it was the start of the lesson so we were doing planning, and then Natalie just pulled out her tooth while we were planning!”

“That must have hurt more than my big toe!”

“She just pulled it out and it was bleeding. And there was blood on the desk so the teacher had to take her out so we all sat in the class on our own for a bit. And one of the boys said he saw Natalie try to eat the tooth.”

“I wonder how nice a tooth tastes.”

“I think it probably tastes nasty but I may try and eat one one day, because otherwise I’ll never know and because it may be the sol-oo-shun to the starving children in Africa my dad keeps saying he is going to send my food to.”

“I don’t want them to send my food away.”

“I am going to berry mine in the garden so that no one finds it. And then when I am hungry I can just go and un-berry it and have it when I’m actually hungry instead of having to eat everything on my plate when I’m not hungry.”

“You could dig for treasure too. There might be other people’s meals in the garden.”

“If I dig long enough I might get to Africa, then I can give them my food myself and they can thank me.”

“Look, there’s another man riding a bye-sickle.”

“I have a pink bike. It matches my helmet.”

“I think you told me that already.”

Every day during February I am writing and posting a piece of creative writing inspired by a prompt. The prompts are being taken from here, although I may shuffle some of the days around if I fancy.

This is part of a conversation that I overheard while riding a bus earlier this week. Imagine this conversation is being had by two girls who sound a bit like Karen from Outnumbered when she was really young, and you’re just about there.


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