Creative Writing · February 2017 Daily Prompts

February Writing Prompts: Day 21, “Impossible”

(114 words)

It’s getting to the point where I’m having to drag inspiration up from its dusty grave and beat it into submission. Every day now it’s the same – look at the possibilities, think about the possibilities, and then hit a dead end. Staring into space has become my new hobby.

But I’m so close to the finish line… so close. The glory, the relief… it’s all worth it, isn’t it? If I could just get my inspiration to comply; if I could just dig up a few better ideas from the wretched dirt below. Things will start looking up. I know it.

I only wish that, day by day, the task didn’t seem so impossible.

Every day during February I am writing and posting a piece of creative writing inspired by a prompt. The prompts are being taken from here, although I may shuffle some of the days around if I fancy.


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