Creative Writing · Flash Fiction

“The Kiss”

‘The Kiss’ Image (c) Gustav Klimt

(146 words)

On the edge of the world we stand, as one, nothing to give us away aside from your head and mine, poking out from beneath the blanket of sunshine you have wrapped yourself in. I am kneeling, disguising my true height, making it so that you can loom over me with your warm breath and dominance.

There’s colour in my dress, but you are cradling me beneath a cover of monochrome. You are squares and rectangles while I prefer round edges. Our tastes could not be more different. I worry that one day, I will disappear beneath your embrace.

Your kiss isn’t returned, but I don’t think you mind. I close my eyes, tug at your clothes. I know better than to resist now. You hold my head in your hands like you would a baby, protecting me from falling, keeping me where you want me.

Short piece inspired by Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss.


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