Creative Writing · Flash Fiction

“A Date with a Rain”

‘A Date with a Rain’ Image (c) Leonid Afremov –

(142 words)

Walking through, her umbrella golden, she is oblivious to the way she looks from afar; how it appears she is walking on ice, the pathways reflective like mirrors. The lights watch her, forming the walls of a great, warm tunnel, the leaves above breaking the fall of the occasional raindrop.   

In the mirror she can see herself: alone again but peaceful. 

It isn’t quite evening, but the gloom of the thick clouds above attempts to subvert her expectations. The mirrors reflect the blue of the sky, diamonds of light slicing through from gaps in the trees above. She can’t feel the autumn rain on her head, but it splashes up her bare legs as her date shoes prove, once again, that they are allergic to water. 

Prisms of light reflect off the wet ground and turn the world around her into colour. 

Short piece inspired by Leonid Afremov’s A Date with a Rain.


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